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Mathematics Workshop: for class 6th  to 10th

Mathematics Workshop

If you find Mathematics the hardest, then you’re surely not alone. Maths is perceived as a complex and monotonous subject by many. This is mostly because it is presented to the students without citing the significance, application of the topic rendering the subject as mechanical and boring to most students. This mostly happens because in school curriculum, teachers do not get adequate time to discuss about all these due to their commitment to complete the curriculum within stipulated time.

To tackle this very issue, GanitCharcha has come up with workshops which is meant to be a fun learning ride for the students. As a part of the workshop, students will be made to understand the basic concepts of mathematics by method learning. Different activities will be held to help students understand the essence of the concept instead of simply learning how to solve a problem. The idea here is to avoid memorization and focus on understanding concepts within the curriculum to score better.

The traditional system has been known to encourage learning formulae and solving problems as per the curriculum. While it cannot be denied that learning of fundamental formulae can be instrumental in co-relating them with others, perhaps understanding the essence of those formulae can help remember them even better. The workshop is build with exactly that aim in such a way that it brings the mathematics from books into reality. It is designed to provide hands-on experience on performance and application of mathematical formulae.

Popular lectures on mathematics: for class 6th  to 10th

The use of popular lectures to establish connect between real life applications and the core concepts of mathematics is a novel concept. The main purpose of this is to remove the maths phobia and encourage the students to develop an interest for mathematics.

Contrary to the popular belief of mathematics not being used in real life, the truth is that it would be quite impossible to explain different aspects of this universe without mathematics. These lectures are inspired by known applications of mathematics to help students understand and appreciate the application of mathematical concepts from a real life perspective.

The popular lectures have been handpicked to make it understandable and relevant for students. An array of concepts can be introduced in this fashion. How golden ratio is of use to mankind for centuries, what mathematics is there behind google search engine, what mathematics is in use to make our smart phones, laptops secure while connected to internet are some of the topics where mathematics is in use extensively. There are innumerable instances and applications in our surroundings that reflect the depiction of mathematical logic. These nuances can help the students to look at the world from a different perspective and can motivate to discover new logics in their surroundings.

Mathemagic shows: for class 6th  to 10th

GanitCharcha makes the use of magic tricks and team games to help build the zest for maths amongst students. What can be more exciting than getting to learn about mathematics through enigmatic magic shows? Here the core concepts are incorporated within magic tricks and volunteers are chosen to observe these. This gives them a chance to wonder at how maths can be exciting and interesting. These tricks are later revealed to them to help understand the logic.

How can a magic show achieve academic goals? The answer is pretty simple.  The core mathematics curriculum and the topics introduced to students have been kept in mind while designing this show. It is a great option to help students fall in love with mathematics and at the same time inspiring them to explore interesting facts and figures pertaining to different mathematical concepts. This also helps students to challenge, question different postulates while slowly engaging them to prove the postulates on their own.

Mathematical team games: for class 6th  to 10th

Similarly, team games play an instrumental role in helping to develop several skills. It helps them to learn important skills like how to work with a team, how to enhance your leadership qualities, how to collaborate to achieve a common goal and much more.

Groups of students will be made having to function within stipulated periods of time. The main idea here is to encourage collaboration and following the rules within the activities that are conducted. These are not only informative for the students but also very beneficial as a tool for exam preparation. The basic concepts will be introduced here using fun activities that will be accomplished with the combined effort of the group.

Working with a team helps to develop interpersonal skills and build up confidence to interact with people to work together for a single aim. Group mathematics tasks are assigned and different teams work together to unravel mathematics in creative ways.

Thus, GanitCharcha is providing an innovative and creative initiative to augment or supplement the mathematics learning of students from school curriculum in a manner that help students to look into the subject from a totally different perspective.

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