GanitCharcha Mathematics Magazine

is expanding its horizons with more options for extended learning and sharing of ideas. We are coming up with a magazine that is underlined with our core belief, of mathematics with ideas and philosophy rather than just rules and postulates.

The magazine
will focus on application and recreational aspects of mathematics, ideas, techniques and stories for the young and curious minds of our readers.

While we proceed forward with this new pursuit to satiate the hunger for knowledge and problem solving, we must tell our readers that the magazine is open for submissions from students as well, to be featured along with the stories from our mathematicians and academicians.
With this magazine, we are creating a cumulative environment of ideas and learnings, that represents the perspectives and questions of young minds and knowledge of professionals around mathematics.

Aim/Scope - GanitCharcha Mathematics Magazine is mainly for students upto K-12 and its main purpose is to help students gain valuable insights about the applications of mathematics, to introduce them with interesting problem solving techniques, and to get fascinated with the recreational aspects of mathematics.

Example topics include – Application Areas of Mathematics, Grade Specific Problems and its solutions demonostrating techniques, Mathmagic, Playing with Numbers, Mathematics and Arts, Puzzles, and anything which relates to recreational mathematics, etc.

How To Prepare and Submit Manuscripts - Manuscript has to be either written in Microsoft Word or one can prepare the manuscript using Latex. In case of Latex, all the source files, including latex style files and the final pdf has to be sent. All the submitted manuscripts will be reviewed and only the selected ones will be considered for publication. Manuscripts can be submitted by sending an email to


Last Date of Submission – 31/10/2019

Notification of Acceptance – 01/12/2019

Date of Publication - January 2020 (March 2020)

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