Carnival of Mathematics 211

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We are excited to host 211-th Carnival of Mathematics for January/February 2023. Carnival of Mathematics is a monthly blogging round up that is organised by The Aperiodical. This is the eighth year we are hosting this and the earlier versions that we had celebrated are 129th141th153rd165th,176th/177th, 189th  and 201st.

We start by writing few line on the integer 211.
211 is a prime number. 211 can be represented as sum of three consecutive primes 67, 71 and 73. A prime number p is called a Chen prime if p+2 is either a prime or a semi-prime.

Since, 213 = 3.71, is a semi-prime, so 211 is also a Chen prime. A balanced prime is a prime number which is at equal distances from its nearest primes both aabove and below it. In other words, it is the arithmetic mean of the nearest primes above and below it. 211’s nearest primes are 199 and 223 and hence it is a balanced prime.

211-th version contains the following articles.

have been shared a nice article from the blog Reflections and Tangents by Karen D. Campe and the title of the article is Beginning with Because, and in this article Karen has shared her experience about how verbalizing "because statements" in maths can help lay the foundation for secondary students to justify their mathematical ideas.

Let us recall the year 2022 to know about The Biggest Math Breakthroughs in 2022 published in Quanta Magazine. The article starts with a YouTube video which is fascinating.

We have been provided with an interesting YouTube video with title Edward Frenkel: Love & Math | Brian Keating’s INTO THE IMPOSSIBLE Podcast and the video is about the Edward Frenkel's best selling book Love and Math.

We have been shared with an
Article that discusses the exciting findings in a recent paper on spectral flow, published in the Journal of Topology and Analysis, by University of Bonn mathematician Matthias Lesch and his Australian collaborators (Professor Lesch visited the Sydney Mathematical Research Institute in 2019). The significance of the paper lies in its extensive treatment of spectral flow theory and its direct application to topological condensed matter systems.

We have been shared an interesting video from NeurIPS 2022 showcasing Dr. Petar Veličković who has discussed his recent work on category theory and graph neural networks. Title of the video is #85 Dr. Petar Veličković (Deepmind) - Categories, Graphs, Reasoning [NEURIPS22 UNPLUGGED].

We have been shared by Dr. Joydeb Mukherejee a talk by David Donoho on Compressed Sensing. The talk reviews some of the mathematical ideas that has been instrumental in compressed sensing. The talk also discusses the relevance and application of compressed sensing in MRI technology. The title of the talk is Gauss Prize Lecture: Compressed sensing — from blackboard to bedside — David Donoho — ICM2018.

We end this version of the
 Carnival of Mathematics by sharing an interesting article with title
The mystique of mathematics: 5 beautiful math phenomena which will be loved by all.

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